Mariano Mattei

Just like the foodie/chef he is, Mariano Mattei mixes his roles as musician, businessman, producer, engineer, entrepreneur, family man, and IT tech into a perfect blend. An active player in the Philadelphia music and recording scene for more years than he’d like to admit, Mattei cut his teeth as a recording producer and engineer, songwriter and live sound man, guitarist, vocalist, and touring music artist, playing the original music scene along the east coast before opening Philly Sound Studios in 2011.

Mattei’s inclinations for arranging and production extended beyond his own musical artistry from his earliest years in the industry. Maybe it was his obsession with perfection, but his focus on creating a pristine live sound was something he would work on for all the acts on any bill he was included on. This naturally evolved to his becoming a live sound man, and ultimately led to his development as a recording engineer and producer, culminating in his opening Fifth Stone Studios in Philadelphia in 2003.

Partnering with his good friend, record producer and studio owner Drew Raison, has led to the creation of Philly Sound Studios, Philadelphia’s new gold standard in audio recording and live performance. Housed in a beautiful 100 year old church and located in the belly of South Philadelphia, Philly Sound Studios boasts soaring vaulted ceilings, a gorgeous hardwood floor, digital and analog recording capabilities, and a live sound stage. Mattei and Raison’s bid to rival the elite recording spaces from the bygone era of the Philadelphia Soul sound has taken shape.

Mattei’s desire to pursue the tradition of world-class recording in Philadelphia is challenged only by his passion for authentic Italian cooking, and his approach to production and recording is no doubt influenced by his work as a high-level network troubleshooter. Let’s just say that he understands better than most that if you want to achieve a gourmet result, you need to pay close attention to every detail: from your production chops to your ability to relate to an artist. Indeed, Mattei takes special interest in nurturing up-and-coming artists and helping them deliver a sound and product they are thrilled with.

“I apply a ‘pay it forward’ approach to everything I do, and I take particular pleasure in helping musicians hone their writing, arranging, recording, and mixing skills whenever I can. I also try to find ways to make professional recording and production services affordable. I grew into being a producer and building Philly Sound Studios from an artist’s perspective. I know what it’s like to be on the artist’s side of the relationship, and I do things differently because of it, like offering ‘one-price’ projects instead of charging by the hour.┬áMy goal with everything I do is to provide a professional product of the highest quality while always focusing on serving the client.”

Not one to sit still for long, Mattei continues to write, sing, and play guitar for his original band, REAL. He also keeps deep connections to his Italian roots in Civitella Casanova and Monteroduni, cementing his credentials as a bona-fide Italian chef.

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